Adelaide’s Fringe Festival finally kicked off over the weekend, and revelers have a packed program of events to attend over the next month.

Amongst those is two unmissable comedy events; Ben Stevenson’s Ratbag and Amy Hetherington’s Crying Over Spilt Milk (encore). The former was the winner of the 2020/2021 Best Comedy at the Australian Radio Awards and the latter has performed sold-out shows across the globe and supported big names like Dave Hughes, Fiona O’Loughlin and Steve-O (MTV Jackass). You can check out timetables and buy tickets for the Comedian’s performances here.

You can find an excerpt of the interview below, and watch the two hilarious comedians interview each other in full underneath it.

Amy: Now look, we thought The Brag, the only thing that we could potentially talk about is how good we are.

Ben: “It’d be awkward though if we bragged about ourselves. Why don’t we instead just brag about each other?”

Amy: “That seems like the right way to use this time is I’m gonna tell you how good Ben is and he’s gonna tell you how good I am. Because as comedians we’re very awkward about taking compliments.”

Ben: “Yeah. If we had self-esteem, we wouldn’t be in comedy.”

Amy: “Ben, I’ve known you for a long time and you are an amazing comedian. Oh, you make me laugh all the time. It’s great. What I wanna know is what got you into comedy?”

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Ben: “I wanted any time I turned up for work, I wanted strangers to gimme a round of applause.”

Listen to the full interview with Amy Hetherington and Ben Stevenson below:

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