The Emmy Awards are just around the corner, and Foxtel is here to help you catch up on the best drama before the honours are dished out.

Mid-September is prime Emmy Awards time, and that means that you’ve got a good amount of time to see the best of the best when it comes to drama before the winners are announced, and to find out what the heck you’ve been missing out on. And, with lockdown keeping the majority of us Aussies in our homes, there’s no better time to give a new show a spin.

And, how are we going to dive into all of these brilliant drama? Well, Foxtel has a diverse world of drama ready at your fingertips, with thrillers that will chill your spine, comedy that will help you beat the lockdown blues, and even fantasy adventures for when you need a bit of an escape.

With these Emmy nominated drama from premium production studios like HBO, FX and the BBC all in one place, and available day or night on demand. Foxtel’s home set-up has a brilliant lineup of shows to be devoured one by one with every episode, and every season from some the world’s best drama series on offer.

1. Lovecraft Country

Boasting an incredible 18 nominations, Lovecraft Country follows the story of a young, black man who treks across the United States during the time of segregation in the 1950s in search of his missing father.

Developed by Misha Green, and starring Jurnee Smollett and Jonathan Majors, it’s one that you can get hooked into right quick, and with it only spanning across 10 episodes, it’s a good weekend watch during this never-ending lockdown.

Check out the trailer for Lovecraft Country:

2. Mare Of Easttown

Following close behind Lovecraft CountryMare of Easttown has an amazing 16 nominations under it’s belt, and follows a similar route down a dark path fraught with tragedies.

Defined as a crime drama, Kate Winslet stars as the title character, serving as a police detective investigating the recent murder of a teen mother, while also diving into another case of a missing girl. Along with a slew of personal troubles like divorce, custody battles, and even suicidal family members, Mare Of Easttown is not one for the faint of heart.

Check out the trailer for Mare Of Easttown:

3. The Flight Attendant

With nine nominations, The Flight Attendant takes a bit of a different route than our first two shows by chucking a bit of comedy into the drama, despite the premise of the show sounding a tad on the dark side.

With main character Cassandra Bowden waking up in a hotel with a dead body next to her while in a foreign country, she decides against calling the police in fear of repercussions and simply heads to the airport to catch her next flight with the other flight attendants. On the other side of the pond in New York, she’s caught up with FBI agents questioning her about her hotel room activities back in Dubai, and starts to query if she, herself, could be the killer.

Check out the trailer for The Flight Attendant:

4. I May Destroy You

Tied with The Flight Attendant, British drama series I May Destroy You also holds nine nominations, and focuses on a famed Twitter user who found fame with her book Chronicles Of A Fed-Up Millennial.

Taking a bit of a similar route as The Flight Attendant, the show follows author Arabella as she’s working on her second book in London, and her night out on the town with friends. As she wakes the next morning, she’s left picking up the pieces, struggling to remember just what happened while out and about.

Check out the trailer for I May Destroy You:

5. Pose

Wrapping up, Pose is yet another brilliant show with 9 nominations in it’s arsenal. Spotlighting the late ’80s/early ’90s in New York City, the series follows both the Latino and African-American LGBTQIA+ and drag ball culture world.

Filled with a fair amount of heartache, twinges of hope, and a good amount of songs and dancing as any good drag ball should have, Pose spans across three seasons with Foxtel offering all seasons.

Check out the trailer for Pose:

If that’s not enough Foxtel also has Netflix and SBS available to watch on its platform, meaning you can catch up on their Emmy nominated shows as well, including The Queen’s Gambit, The Crown and The Handmaid’s Tale.

Catch the 2021 Emmy Awards LIVE on Foxtel September 20 and check out Foxtel and their brilliant list of drama to watch ahead of the Emmy Awards!