Transitions Film Festival is the festival dedicated to documentaries about the people and ideas who are changing the world for the better.

From technology to food, social sciences and ethical fashion, the Transitions program is an uplifting window into our future. Festival directorDaniel Simonsshares with us his five favourite picks. See more


How To Let Go Of The World And Love All The Things Climate Can’t Change – A Film By Josh Fox

Hayden Orpheum Cremorne, Friday March 10

Despite its bleak title, How To Let Go is really a deeply moving human story, full of adventure, hope and determination. It gives a fascinating insight into most exotic parts of the world and is told by a master of the craft in a way that will stay with the audience long after the film has ended. Watching this film binds us together with the challenges, reflections and visions of our shared humanity.



Hayden Orpheum Cremorne, Thursday March 9


Raw follows the incredible story of two ‘grandparents’ who ran 366 marathons in one year, consuming an all-raw plant-based diet. Far from being preachy, the film showcases a deeply motivating human spirit and an incredible physical achievement, as well as giving a great overview of the benefits of plant-based diets for people and planet, and as a method of battling cancer. More importantly, the screening at the Orpheum will give audiences a chance to meet these two remarkable human beings in person.


A Plastic Ocean

Zenith Theatre, Saturday March 11


A Plastic Ocean was described by Sir David Attenborough as one of the most important films of the decade. This beautifully shot but deeply confronting film is a radical call to arms about the need to combat the devastating impacts of plastic in our environment. Everybody needs to see this film.


There Will Be Water

Dendy Newtown, Tuesday March 14

there will be water 2

There Will Be Water is a gripping story about the challenges of trying to give birth to The Sahara Project, an ingenious and creative technological innovation that has revolutionary potential for solving global food and water crises. You will be infinitely inspired by the genius and determination of the project’s founder, and the massive potential (and need) for innovations like this to help save the world.



Dendy Newtown, Tuesday March 14


Narrated by Jason Priestley, RiverBlue is a stunningly shot ethical fashion film that will make you rethink what you wear and where it comes from. The film journeys all around the world showcasing the impacts of unethical fashion and offers solutions for the future.

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