A guide to some of the best hidden beaches in Sydney, for all those that resent being subjected to the noise pollution of a UE Boom battle at Bondi Beach.

Kutti Beach,  Vaucluse

A secret slab of sand tucked between Parsley Beach and Watsons Bay. Kutti Beach has all one requires from a truly excellent hidden Sydney beach — plush greenery, sailboats, pristine water, hell there’s even the occasional Streets boat that docs in bearing snack fare for hungry sunbathers. Kutti Beach is also dog-friendly, so prepare yourself for an afternoon spent being visited by the ritziest dogs in the East.

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Parsley Bay, Vaucluse

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Another Eastern Suburbs gem. A secluded beach, natural swimming enclosure, and a nature reserve that’s primed for a perfect picnic. If you find yourself in the mood to explore, there’s the Parsley Bay Walk which will take you across the century-old footbridge and into the headlands towards a darling waterfall.

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Lady Bay Beach, Watsons Bay

A day spent hopping between beaches and food pit stops is my idea of a day well spent. After hitting Kutti Beach, we strongly recommend taking a moment to refuel before heading to Lady Bay Beach in Watsons Bay, just five minutes down the road. Between South Head and Camp Cove.

Lady Bay Beach is one of Sydney’s dedicated nude beaches. The perfect destination for those that should find themselves in the throes of mania on Oxford St, togless but determined to catch the first bus that crosses their paths and plunge headfirst into salty, restorative water.

Nielsen Park, Woollahra

Jumping off rocks is always thrilling, but there’s a delicious feeling of taboo when you do it in an area as posh and clinical as Woollahra. Nielsen Park ain’t far from perfect, harbour views, rocks to jump off and sumptuous walking tracks.

Congwong Beach, La Peruse

If you want the freedom to snorkel without running into everyone you’ve ever slept with at the Tinder graveyard that is Gordon’s Bay, let me introduce you to Congwong Beach. Congwong is a top notch family friendly beach; clean, shallow and privy to an ice-cream boat on weekends.

Murray Rose Pool, Double Bay

FKA Red Leaf, Murray Rose Pool is a cracking beach for a picnic. There’s ample sand and sun, bathrooms that aren’t in a totally reprehensible state, and cafe that does a passable soy latte. The highlights though are the bounty of platforms of which you can jump off, indulge in your own Heavenly Creatures moment by plummeting off the pier.

This is also one of the few beaches that is totally walkable from the city. If you want a gorgeous way to kill an hour, tramp through Ruschutters Bay, the opulent Double Bay homes and find yourself at Murray Rose Pool.

Delwood Beach, Manly

If sunsets are your thing, head to Manly’s Delwood Beach and you’ll be treated to a sunset worthy of a Terrence Malick film. Delwood Beach is mere minutes away from Manly Beach, so pick yourself up some piping hot fish and chips and feel an overwhelming sense of smugness when you zip past all the none the wiser schmucks gritting their teeth through an afternoon spent at the inferior Manly Beach.

Store Beach, Manly

If you want your secret beach trip to feel truly secret, head to Store Beach in Manly. A little oasis which is only accessible by boat. To access Store Beach, head to Manly Kayak Centre and paddle across.

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