While Australia’s ultimate adoration of Kmart continues, the phrase “a quick trip to Kmart” is well and truly in the minds of the country.

Shopping trips at Kmart quickly turn from minutes to hours, largely thanks to the affordable, and, sometimes, high quality nature of its products. Too often, customers go planning on buying one or two things, but leave with a whole trolley.

Kmart – Something we can all agree on:

But, while many of us can blow an easy $100-200 each Kmart trip, have you ever considered whether or not the stuff you’re copping is all it’s made out to be? Really makes you think, doesn’t it?

Thankfully, Choice have done what they do best and really answered our questions.

In a recent study, the company’s research has examined a range of Kmart products – heaters to trampolines, and everything in between.

With their research taking place, the goal was to find out the very best, and worst of Kmart’s many products, and some results may shock you.

Often, the retail giant outperformed others in different areas, but this wasn’t always the case.

“Some products deliver premium performance at bargain-basement prices, but others are worth exactly what you pay for them,” said Alice Richard, a Choice spokesperson.

The worst buys at Kmart:

  • Anko Oil Heater
    • $55
    • Choice said: The Anko 11 fin oil heater was one of the “worst performing heaters Choice has tested in years”
  • Enclosed Trampoline
    • $150
    • Choice said: “What you’ll save in dollars you may lose in injuries,” and apparently there were four major safety issues during a 2017 rigorous testing period.
  • Active & Co Hard Case [Suitcase]
    • $55 [previously $58]
    • Choice said: “You’re better off shopping elsewhere for checked baggage if you want all your belongings to arrive together at your destination.”

The best buys at Kmart:

  • Anko Coffee Machine
    UPDATE: Kmart no longer stock this item but you can still get them on eBay.

    • $89
    • Choice said: “In our tests, it outperformed a $949 coffee machine on flavour and pumped out consistently hot coffees,” the study found. “And it’ll pretty up your kitchen bench: It looks the business.”
  • Carry-On Suitcase
    • $49
    • Choice said: “These cheap wonders were up there with far more expensive products, even outperforming luxury brands priced at more than $500.”
  • Electric Fleece Blanket
    • $55
    • Choice said: “It outperformed blankets costing more than twice as much.”
  • Digital Blender
    • $49
    • Choice said: “It’s no Vitamix in the status department, but this $59 blender held its own in the kitchen. It received a more-than-respectable 90% performance score.”

Better get those skates on and head over to your local Kmart to cop a good buy!

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