An episode of the Australian children’s show ‘Bluey’ has been banned in America over content that was deemed inappropriate. 

The offensive content? One of the cartoon dogs farted. Yes, a whole episode of a children’s show was banned from the US because a cartoon animal broke wind.

The episode titled ‘Family Meeting’ didn’t meet the streaming guidelines of Disney+ solely because of the bodily function, and was subsequently never made available on the platform.

However, as reported by Pirates and Princesses, a Disney Branded Television employee has confirmed that the episode have been reevaluated and will be available on the streaming platform soon.

Family Meeting will roll out on US platforms soon. Some of the Bluey content did not meet Disney Junior broadcast S&P in place at the time the series was acquired,” a spokesperson for the streaming giant said.

“Now that it is rolling out on other platforms, it is a great opportunity to reevaluate which is what we plan to do.”

Children’s show Bluey only launched in 2018, but has gone from strength to strength since its premiere and reached meteoric levels of popularity. Over the past four years, Bluey has won an International Emmy Kids Award and two Logie Awards. The New York Times described the show as “the biggest Australian export since The Wiggles”.

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In related news, children’s character Peppa Pig was recently accused of “brainwashing” children about COVID related vaccinations.

The scene in question is a clip from the cartoon TV show, that’s been turned into a book. In the animated scene, Peppa Pig heads to the doctor, who conducts a physical exam and asks her if she likes vegetables. In the book version, Peppa also attends the doctor, but, instead, discusses vaccinations with her physician.

“This is so wrong. Let’s encourage our kids to take medical treatments still in clinical trial phases with no long term safety data, no studies into effects on fertility, when in the U.K. alone over 1600 people have died from the COVID shot,” one person wrote.

For more on this topic, follow the Health and Wellness Observer.

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