Today in a BRAG first, we’ve chatted to readers to find out what they think are the most bogan things people say or do. Brace yourselves for the bogan ride of your life.

No. 10: The Boys/Boys Culture

Now there are good and bad things about boys culture. Don’t get me wrong – the unity and harmonious way “the boys” operates is a beautiful thing, but at times, boys culture can be pretty poor.

Common “boys” things are: Victoria Bitter, The Chats, Skegss, “Yeah The Boys” etc.

No. 9: The popularity of Kmart

I’m still yet to discover an Australian shop with quite the level of notoriety for bogan-ness that Kmart has. It seems to draw the bogans (including me) in droves. Maybe it’s the low-cost of most of its products, or the pure amount of random shit they sell, but it’s just such a beautiful place.

Example: The fact that there are so many Kmart memes circulating.

No. 8: Wearing ugg boots in public

This could be quite the cause of controversy, as the bulk of Australia is divided as to whether or not this is socially acceptable. IMO, do it!

Example: Wearing god’s gift of shoes to your local Kmart.

No. 7: The word ‘champ’

This one is something I hear from the older blokes in my life. Traditionally it’s associated with a win of sorts, but is quite patronising.

Example: “Good onya champ, I saw ya kick those coupl’a goals in the footy game this arvo”.

No. 6: Drugs and drug culture

This seems to have become quite prevalent in my school years, where I notice all the little drug-related things people my age say or do when talking about drugs.

Example: Beug, coney [cone piece], biccy, caps. “Oi you got baccy for mix?” “Oi surely tick me til Wednesday” etc

No. 5: Centrelink

There seems to be very close ties between Centrelink and bogan culture. Maybe it’s the fact that old mates Damo and Darren made Centrelink a very broad comedic matter through their online clips, or the varying meme pages that count themselves as fans (or the opposite) of this national beauty.

Example: “If Centrelink does come through by Tuesday morning I’m gonna lose my shit more than Jono when he lost his life savings to the pokies.”

Watch Damo and Darren at Centrelink:

No. 4: Driving a Commodore

There is nothing better than driving a Commodore than, well, basically anything that isn’t driving a Commodore. But, much can be said about the cultural significance of driving one of those bad boys, and it does find itself being an icon of ‘boys culture’. There is, however, a broadly viewed dickhead scene associated with these vehicles. Not to be said that everyone who drives one is a dickhead.

Example: “Do a skid in ya Commy c**t”.

No. 3: Smoking and smoking culture

Everything surrounding smoking, despite its many and varying health-related consequences, seems to be such a laugh. Whether it’s the term “durry muncher”, or the very often asked “oi can you give us a ciggy”, there just seems to be so much entertainment value surrounding smoking.

Example: “Oi Kyle let’s go punch a dart”.

No. 2: “She’ll be right”

Now we’re cutting it really fine trying to choose between our top two here. But, the statement “she’ll be right’ is unequivocally one of the best healing statements to bring to the table. Nothing soothes a painful time better than a good ol’ “she’ll be right.”

Example: “Car’s broken down three hours from home. Hmm, ah well, she’ll be right.”

No. 1: The C Word [C**t]

Despite being such a vulgar slang term, this word seems to have worked its way up to the top of the bogan Australian vocabulary. The word can be used in many different ways, which is what makes it so popular and diverse. It can mean any number of things.

Examples: “He’s a good c**t,” “She’s a mad c**t,” “Mate, that bloke is well and truly a c**t and I can’t stand him!” “Throw this c**t on the barbeque, aye?”.

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