Most Aussies are familiar with the Bubble O’ Bill ice cream. It’s made up of strawberry, chocolate and caramel ice cream, and features a bubblegum nose and a brown hat.

Each Bubble O’ Bill has a hole through the brown hat, however, this detail has apparently gone unnoticed by many consumers as they gobble down the treat.

Now, approximately forty years after the ice cream was initially released in Australia, social media users are pointing out the “disturbing” reason for the hat hole.

“How old were you when you discovered BUBBLE O’ BILL had a BULLET HOLE in his hat?” one mum asked on Facebook, as per Kid Spot.

The some-what obvious but often overlooked detail received hundreds of responses, with many users shocked to find out that the hole is meant to be a bullet hole.

“Today old and I’ve probably eaten 1,000 in 38 years,” one person replied.

“What! Have I been eating blindfolded for the past 50 odd years?” another commented.

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While some users called the bullethole “disturbing”, others were more disturbed that they had never noticed it.

And, alas, the detail can be confirmed with a quick google.

“Bubble OBill is a classic blend of strawberry, chocolate and caramel ice confection, with a mega bubblegum nose, and a bullet hole through his hat,” the Streets website reads.

While Bubble O’ Bill has cemented itself over the years as one of the country’s most popular ice creams, the brand tried to transition into the apparel sector back in 2021.

The classic Streets ice cream partnered with jewellery brand Couture Kingdom and released 54 jewellery pieces – 30 in the Bubble O’Bill range and another 24 for Paddle Pop.  There were necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and even cufflinks.

“As huge fans of these iconic Aussie ice creams, it has been an incredible honour for us here at Couture Kingdom to create this collection,” Couture Kingdom chief creative officer Karen Ridikas explained at the time.

“Our Couture Kingdom fans have (as have we) grown up with the flavours of both Bubble O’ Bill and Paddle Pop and are avid collectors of pure nostalgic pop-culture accessories.

For us it was all about delivering a fun, easy to wear collection that evokes the feelings of childhood summers that you can add to your everyday style no matter how old you are now.”

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