Building a swimming pool is no doubt a mammoth undertaking.

For those who are lucky enough to afford such a luxury, the construction takes stress, planning and, of course, a fair chunk of $$$ to pull off.

Add onto that the amount of maintenance involved with keeping the pool clean and hygiene-friendly and there is one hell of a long-term task that’s ahead of you.

However, watching the thing come together in a nice, sped-up time-lapse video like the one below, is pretty damn cool and insightful.

Similar to seeing the tradies sweat it out on The Block or Auction Squad, seeing a major project come together on a screen still has a sense of productiveness – and that sure as hell translates to swimming pools (especially when things are sped up).

Check out the process of a pool coming together from scratch

From the nice feeling of seeing something productive happen in only 8-minutes, the genuinely interesting process of seeing the pool mould constructed, it seems there is far more to building a pool than just digging a hole in the ground and filling it up with water.

Seeing the blue lining go in around the pool basin is also one of those so-satisfying-you-can-almost-touch-it viewing moments while watching the robotic vacuum cleaner ping around like a tennis ball on a string is fun too.

The amount of space taken up by the project itself though, encroaching on the entire back-yard?

We’re not convinced it’s fully worth it, but rather a nice look back at the suburban dream of old.

Now that you have the intel in the video above, all you need is some neighbours who don’t mind half the local building contractors hanging out over the fence for a few weeks…

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