The essence of Queensland as we know it can be summarised with this cheeky little potation. In news that makes me believe in God, Bundy Rum has collaborated with the nation’s favourite iced java, Ice Break.

That’s right, you can now get Ice Break Ice Coffee that has been infused with the wolfish undertones of Bundy Rum. This may be humanity’s greatest triumph.

As far as we can tell, this naughty nightcap is only available in Queensland — because of course it is. As Pedestrian reports, they’ve been rearing their tantalizing heads around IGA’s and servos across the great state.

The good lords at Bald Hills Friendly Grocer shared a photo of their treasure trove on Instagram, which are appropriately priced at $4.2o. Also shoutout to Bald Hills Friendly Grocer who literally supply anything a gal could ever need

“Barista coffee ☕️
Fresh Food & meals 🥪
Takeaway food 🥘
Instant Scratch-it’s 📱”

It reads like a fucking soliloquy.

Unfortunately, because of rules, regulations and RSA’s, the bevvos aren’t actually spiked with Bundy’s most valuable liquid. Rather they’ve taken that inimitable taste and marinated the heavenly bean juice with it. It’s simply the sluttiest thirst-quencher I’ve ever come across.

We just hope that this brave and noble collaboration extends to the other states of this country. I am simply gagging for a lunchtime suckle on the teat of this ambitious Bundy brew.

This is truly the golden era of Australia being blessed with daring culinary crossovers. Earlier this month it was revealed that Philadelphia cream cheese joined forces with Cadbury to bring you the most unholy collaboration; Caramilk Philly creme cheese.