Arguably one of the best confectionary inventions of the 20th century, Cadbury’s Caramilk is set to make a return to Aussie supermarket shelves.

Cadbury confirmed that the hugely addictive flavour is making a comeback, posting a short clip to its socials with the message ‘Back by popular demand’.

“We have some good news… Caramilk is coming back!” said the chocolate company.

The blocks haven’t appeared in Australian supermarkets since a brief return in 2019.

Then, earlier in 2020 we were teased by the introduction of Caramilk Easter Eggs, but there was no follow-up with any confirmation about full-sized chocolate bars until now.

The white chocolate and caramel combination is one of Cadbury’s most popular inventions, having appeared in Australia in the 1990s.

For anyone that doesn’t remember, the blocks made a comeback in 2017 and sold like literal hotcakes, with one million units flying off shelves within the first few weeks of its release. But Cadbury was forced to once-again discontinue the delicacy when the bar was deemed a food safety hazard resulting from a production incident.

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A year later, Caramilk was still being sold for more than four times the retail price on Ebay.

People have predictably been going nuts since Cadbury made the announcement, and while Cadbury are yet to reveal the new release date, we’re thinking it can’t be too far away.
In fact, a supermarket worker recently shared some inside info to the Caramilk Addicts Club Facebook page, saying it could return as soon as July.

They also revealed there could be a Hokey Pokey Carmilk bar, but that it probably won’t be coming to NZ. Those damn Kiwis.

“I work in a supermarket and I was told today to keep my eyes open for a return to shelves from July 1. And he told me the Hokey Pokey is only a NZ line,” they said.

Check out how Caramilk was cancelled in 2017:

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