Few film franchises have had as profound an impact on pop culture as the Back to the Future trilogy.

The movies turned the financial and commercial failure that was the DMC Delorean into one of the most iconic and cars of all time. The self lacing Nikes Michael J. Fox wore in the second film sold at auction for US$100,000 and even the recreations Nike made in 2019 started at US$720 and have only gone up in value since then.

So what’s a discerning nerd to do if they want a piece of that fantastically tacky ’80s style but don’t have thousands to fork out on a sluggish steel car on self lacing sneakers? Enter the Casio CA-53W: the little plastic and rubber icon that adorns Marty McFly’s wrist in Back to the Future 2.

CA53W-1 Databank | Casio USA

You can buy the Casio CA-53W here

The CA-53W combined Casio’s mastery of digital watches, calculators and sex appeal into one, sleek plastic case and was the height of cool in the 1980’s. They’re so good that Casio has continued to produce them unchanged to this day. I wore mine on my coffee run this morning and I had eight supermodels propose to me, they’re that cool

“How much will one of these bad boys set me back?” I hear none of you ask because I put the price in the title. Well as the title says it’ll cost you AU$38, that’s it. That’s all it costs to get an iconic piece of movie memorabilia and up your clout to nigh-unseen levels.

The watch Casio CA-53w-1 from Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) in Back to the future 2
Michael J. Fox and his Casio CA-53w in Back to the Future 2

“What can I do with it?” apart from flex? You can tell the time, calculate your increased Tinder match rate post-Casio ownership, set a daily alarm on it to remind you to dunk on JK Rowling on Twitter, type out 5318008 so it says “BOOBIES” when you read it upside-down… the sky (and the CA-53W’s 8 character LCD screen) is the limit!