And today, in Wild Speculation Wednesday, we’re reading into a cryptic message sent with a flyer to the Stranger Things season two premiere at the Opera House.

“Featuring a special announcement from Laneway Festival” the email said, and we’re putting two and two together to assume this announcement will be that Finn Wolfhard’s band Calpurnia will be playing at the festival. It’s related to the show, and it’s an easy win for the festival, given the Venn diagram of Laneway punters and fans of Stranger Things would just be a single circle.

It makes sense. Calpurnia have been popping up here and there performing well-executive indie covers.

“I love 80s and 90s music,” Wolfhard says of his band. “I love Nirvana, Joy Division and New Order – older alternative, I guess. There’s a scene where they use ‘Atmosphere’ by Joy Division. Charlie Heaton’s character is crying. It’s perfect,” he continued, adding, “I want to somehow get an album or EP out.”

The Australian premiere on Stranger Things season two happens October 27 at the Sydney Opera House. Act surprised!

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