Where were you when you discovered that Donald Glover and Childish Gambino were the same person? Personally, I never had this realisation due to watching a talk show where Donald Glover spoke about his new musical endeavours, but a lot of people are now discussing this turning point in their life after Cardi B seemingly announced she wasn’t aware they’re the same person.

Taking to Twitter a couple of days ago, the controversial hip-hop artist shared a Tweet in which she noted that the ‘This Is America’ rapper looks a lot like one of the stars in the new Star Wars film.

“It’s amazing how Donald Glover and Childish Gambino look soo much alike. I think they secretly the same person!!! Soo dope!!” wrote Cardi B on Twitter, before following it up with a rather telling “Wait, I’m confuse now.”

While the Tweets have since been deleted, some folks decided to save this piece of Internet history.

While Cardi B has been known to, as Glover explained in Community, “mess with” people on Twitter, her deletion of the Tweet seems to indicate her world was recently rocked.

However, it turns out that the ‘Bodak Yellow’ artist isn’t alone, with Twitter users taking to the service to talk about the moment their world was upside down and they realised that Glover and Gambino aren’t two different people.

This revelation of knowledge comes just a week after a group of Reddit users decided to overtake a Donald Trump-themed subreddit, repurposing it as a Donald Glover fan-site and undoubtedly winning the approval of Glover/Gambino in the process.

Check out Childish Gambino’s ‘This Is America’:

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