While everyone is practising social distancing because of COVID-19, these chameleons have proven their artistic talents to the worldwide web, making everyone’s day a whole lot brighter.

With COVID-19 keeping us all inside at the moment, what we really need in these trying times is online content that can really warm up our hearts and soothe our souls. Luckily, two new videos have emerged on the internet, and oh my god they are perfect.

The videos in question feature chameleons painting works of art, and they are essential viewing.

The first of the two videos surfaced on TikTok, the viral video-sharing app that has overthrown Vine as the queen of quick-fix comedy. In the video, a chameleon, yes, a chameleon is painting an artwork, with just a little help from its owner of course.

You can watch the full video below.


The second video emerged in response to the first, and features another chameleon showing off his artistic prowess.

This has truly made our entire days while we are couped up in the walls of our homes with nothing but the internet to keep us company.

Check out the second chameleon painting a self-portrait down below.

If you are self-isolating, it is essential to schedule physical and creative activity into each day — for everyone. If the weather allows, get outside, or plan to do indoor physical activities like yoga, dance games and interactive video games. Make it timed. Make it fun. The important thing is to schedule it.

Be sure to take scheduled breaks and find what fits for your body in a working-from-home context.

Taking scheduled breaks not only keeps your mind fresh, but it also helps you to be more productive in all things. This is a very different time for us all, but together we’ll get through it, with just a little help from chameleons as well.

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