And the Vegan VS Non-Vegan divide grows!

Some young bloke has sparked some serious outrage in the vegan community, after rocking up to an animal rights rally with a box of KFC chicken, in what has been described as “heroic” by some.

Videos of the man chomping down his Kentucky Fried goodness were chucked on TikTok, and have gone viral.

Vegan activist group Cube of Truth were holding a protest against meat and animal harming product consumption outside Sydney’s Town Hall. Little did they know, an uninvited, and, um, very unwelcome guest would show up.

While old mate munched on his KFC wings, activists kept up their protesting. Meanwhile onlookers could be heard laughing at the irony of the situation, as he kept chewing on his wings.

At the time of publishing, a video uploaded by @kenjakelamar has copped over 2.5m views, from a rather mixed audience.

One user said, “Am I the only one who doesn’t find this funny?”, to which the uploader simply replied, “Yes.”

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Another commented, “Why do people thinks [sic] is cool to lack empathy for other lives and then make fun of people that actually care? I’m genially [sic] curious.”

Watch: Sydneysider munches chicken wings in front of vegan protesters:

Meanwhile, some other users found the little stunt quite hilarious, labelling the protest intruder somewhat of a hero.

“The hero we didn’t know we needed but the hero we got,” commented @Emmy.Mahon.

Another, @01landon_smith01, said “Not all heroes wear capes.”

A rather funny comment came from @radiatorninja, who said “Part 2 – same guy chokes on a bone and the knowledge of the Heimlich maneuver is nowhere to be seen”.

We’re not sure just who the guy that’s responsible for this is, nor do we know anything about him.

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