After two years of anticipation – including constant shows, collaborations and the magnificent teaserThinking In Textures– Chet Faker has released his debut album. The question on everyone’s moistened lips is: was it worth the wait?

We start with some slow piano, toppling chords and atmospheric reverb. Then Faker’s voice comes in… and we’re back. From the first 30 seconds of ‘Release Your Problems’, we are pulled into his universe of signature soul and looping dub, layered under sultry vocals and suggestive lyrics.

‘Talk Is Cheap’ is familiar Faker in both subject matter and sound; a heavily textured and masterfully produced flirtation. It is hard to imagine any other Australian artist who could pull off a line like, “I wanna make you move with confidence / I wanna be with you alone.” But oh, how he does. A less sultry, lighter ‘Cigarettes & Loneliness’ is a stripped-back showcase of Faker’s experimental side – choral and slightly strange. This is contrasted by ‘Melt’ featuring Kilo Kish, the duet smouldering over pulsing downtempo beats.

Built On Glass is an album that delivers what fans want, but leaves a little room for developing and filling out Faker’s sound. It’s soulful, it’s honest, it’s sex – it’s Chet Faker, matured.

4/5 stars.

Built On Glass is out now through Opulent/Future Classic.

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