In the wide and wacky world of the internet, there’s few things more exciting (and indulgent) than finding a celeb’s burner instagram account. Celebrity gossip account, Deuxmoi, thinks they’ve have found one by Chrissy Teigen dedicated to none other than celebrities knees.

The wild saga all begun when the gossip account posted a blind item about a model who met an A-list celeb and discovered the secret account.

The model said that she was at a party when she borrowed a drunken (unnamed) celebrities phone.

“Now the weird part. I check to see if she had any secret account attached to her main, and indeed, the woman had a burner account… dedicated to other celebs knees.”

“The account followed nobody and had no followers, it was just knee archives. I locked the phone and slid it back next to her nearly unconscious self, too my stuff and left,” the blind item detailed.

Post from Deuxmoi about knee account
Second post from Deuxmoi about knee account

Of course, this wild story had the internet sleuths out in droves to figure out exactly who the celeb in question was.

Fast forward a few days and the plot thickened ever so slightly when another anonymous follower submitted a story about how when she met Teigen at a photoshoot, the model was making “hot knee” jokes.

“I am almost certain that the knee blind is about Chrissy Teigen. I worked a photoshoot with her several years back, and she made a handful of jokes about how weird knees are/noone has ‘hot knees’. The Twitter the snoop found is probably her way of joking about that.”

Another post about knees implying the account is by Chrissy Teigen

Of course, these blinds have no evidence behind them and should be taken with a grain of salt. HOWEVER, another Deuxmoi follower has claimed to have actually found said knee account.

Sending in a snapshot of the account, which is named @justcelebriknees, the account followed Teigen but she didn’t follow the account back.

In even wilder news, two hours after the story was posted on Deuxmoi, the celeb knees account was deleted. Which could either be a strong sign that the uncovered account was Teigens, or it could simply be a weird coincidence.

Knee account uncovered suspected to be by Chrissy Teigen

Teigen is usually super vocal on all of her social media platforms, like when US president Joe Biden followed her, so we’re hoping that she’ll share some insight on kneegate, ASAP.

Regardless of whether the account is linked to Teigen or not, which at the moment is 100% hearsay, Deuxmoi has quite the influence on A-list celebrities and is followed by both Gigi and Bella Hadid.