Aussie comedian Christian Hull has hit the big-time, making an appearance on US TV thanks to his viral t-shirt folding video.

Think for a second about the last time you discovered something that brought you great joy. Maybe it was a shortcut on your daily commute to work, or maybe it was a new TV show that you can’t believe you’d never seen until now?

Or, if you’re Christian Hull, it’s the discovery of a t-shirt folding machine that shaves seconds (that’s right, SECONDS) from your daily laundry routine, all while making them look neat as heck.

Taking to Instagram over the weekend, Hull shared a video of himself illustrating how much joy a simple shirt folder can bring someone.

“I have never been more entertained in my life with the most boring and mundane task of folding t-shirts,” he explains in the video, before demonstrating the mechanism, and making everyone smile thanks to his infectious delight shown on camera.

Before long, the video went viral, racking over 170,000 retweets, and gaining over 750,000 likes, sending Hull’s pure, unbridled joy at folding shirts into a worldwide phenomenon.

Check out the iconic Tweet from Christian Hull:

However, it wasn’t just Twitter fame that Christian Hull found himself with, but also a spot on a little show called Good Morning America. Oh, you’ve heard of it? That’s hardly surprising, considering it averages a neat 4.1 million viewers every single day.

“This morning I woke up to find out that I was on a very popular TV show called Good Morning America,” Hull explained in a recent YouTube video, “because my video that I posted on Twitter went viral.”

As host Lara Spencer notes that the video had over nine million views up to that point and had generated thousands of comments from people praising Hull for his video, the audience can be heard clapping and cheering as this humble Aussie comedian found himself plastered over TV sets America-wide.

“So that’s kind of exciting,” Christian Hull added in his YouTube video. “My life is that boring that things that excite me are folding t-shirts.”

Noting that countless sites and shows have requested permission to post his video, Hull explains that it’s “crazy because it’s the most stupidest, dumbest video”, adding that he simply grabbed the t-shirt folder as a means of making quick content for TikTok.

Of course, Hull also notes that this is likely to become his legacy, adding that he hopes his tombstone simply reads: “He lived, he laughed, he folded.”

Needless to say, it looks like Christian Hull is destined for the bright lights of Hollywood now, we’re sure. Who knew that all it would take is a simple t-shirt folder, unbridled joy, and the charm that many of us could only wish we possessed?

Check out Christian Hull’s YouTube explanation of the phenomenon below, and be sure to subscribe to his channel while you’re at it.

Check out the latest video from Christian Hull:

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