Christian Hull has spent his time in lockdown becoming a maestro of the art of olfactory delights. The YouTuber recently launched his own essential oil blend, ‘Farqovski’ (pronounced fuck-off-ski), and he’s determined to put Mr. Tom Ford out of business.

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I have never been so exhausted in my life. I have made over 8000 pendants. On the phone to @emmylou_loves tonight I burst into tears. She told me I need to slow down and take some me time. To which I responded by saying that I can’t slow down as I’ve never been so successful and I’ve never seen this amount of sales and obviously…money. I’m such a baller. Might have to upgrade the Mazda 3 to a Mazda 5 . . . I’ll rest when I’m dead. Im still making pendants by the hundreds and have embarked on the next project. I’m bringing out the most insane blend of essential oil. Something that I absolutely love. I have 5 diffusers all billowing out this fragrance. Honestly nothing has relaxed me more. It’s called ‘Farqovski’ (fuck-off-ski). I have had a designer make the most epic labels and have a factory just perfecting the blend so I can bottle it and have it ready to sell in the next few months. . . . If I’m not pouring resin I’m pouring oils. I am loving it. It’s keeping me busy and occupied as well as making me complain about everything. In exciting news I will be moving into a warehouse and having a team of people post out your orders so I can just focus on making the pendants and blending the oils. I have also hired someone full time. This shit has gone next level. . . . Here I was 12 weeks ago thinking I’d make about 30 fuck off pendants!

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Hull recently launched his “Bag of Fucks” range, a merch line dedicated to all things giving, and not giving a fuck. From “fuck off” transfers to sumptuous, “fuck off” resin pendants. It’s the ultimate line for those with a propensity for a foul-mouthed mantra.

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The unthinkable has happened. I have gone from obsessively making scented candles to now becoming obsessed with essential oils. I have bought so many different ones and been concocting a blend that I plan to release very soon. Called ‘Farqovski’ (Pron: FARK-OFF-SKI) . . . I told mum and she suggested I make a floral blend to match the pendants and call it “BOUQUET OF FUCKS”! My mother said this. A woman who never swears. I almost died and promised her I would make it in her honour. . . . Are you crazy for oils too. Do you have a favourite scent or blend. Let me know I’m so keen to try as many different blends as possible. I love being old and sniffing oil. I’m living the dream. FYI I bought about 25 different scents and I’m living for all of them.

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Hull recently took to Instagram stories to outline a business plan destined to get his new fragrance line off the ground and into Myer fragrance halls all around the country. The Youtuber-turned-perfumer has entertained the idea of hitting up Rolling Stone Magazine and weaselling an advertisement for his ‘Farqovski’ range into the pages of the mag a la Charlize Theron for J’Adore.

“I’m thinking about, what if I buy a full-page ad in rolling stone and do like a full-page fragrance ad,” he mused. “Just me, ‘Farqovski.”

“I just think this will be so good,” he continued. “Is there advertising standards for Rolling Stone and would they let me do this?”.

It’s truly a devilish idea. You can cop Christian Hull’s ‘Bag of Fucks‘ line here, and a subscription to Rolling Stone here.