In 2009, a new culture was born on the internet, Mukbang. Mukbang is an online broadcast where the host —or “online eater”— films themselves eating an absurd amount of food whilst interacting with their audience. Some broadcast jockeys —or “BJs” rack up millions of views on their videos and make a decent crust from it.

We’re thrilled that podcaster and comedian Christian Hull blessed us with a video of him live-reacting to a Mukbang for the first time. Hull admits that he has always been vaguely aware of Mukbang as a concept, but had never actually witnessed the pandemonium himself.

Hull chose to subject himself to a video by popular Mukbanger Veronica Wang. In the video, Wang gorges herself on a mountain of boiled seafood and cheese sauce. If someone were to ask me to conjure up the single most revolting, gag-inducing flavour profile of all time, it would be seafood and cheese. Miss Wang, respect to you and your stomach of steel.

It’s one of the most impressive displays of human endurance we’ve ever witnessed. Wang absolutely destroys ginormous crab legs that, as Christian so succinctly puts it “looks like a huge limp penis.”

I have never seen one person eat with such stealth and grace, “She just deep throats the whole thi- well… same.”

Witness the magic yourself below.

Check out: Christian Hull watches Mukbang for the first time

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