The City of Sydney are, thankfully, ran by a group of community-minded people who are urging voters to say ‘yes’ to marriage equality.

They also understand that this debate is a heated one, which has resulted in floods of negative, hateful speech masquerading as journalism, not to mention the comments, the protestors, the religious groups, and the general sense that our leaders are failing a large percentage of our population, and those who love and support them.

In light of this, the City of Sydney have set up a helpful hub which contains a number of fact sheets, helplines, and links to other relevant resources.

Of particular interest is the guide to supporting kids through the postal plebiscite (a subject we have covered in depth before). Humans are trained to discriminate — it isn’t an innate trait — so a number of kids will no doubt be confused by the hatred directed at living situations and relationships they have naturally (and accurately) perceived as normal.

We’ve copied a few of the links and the guide to staying strong below. Send this to those who may need it.

Staying strong tips

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