Coronavirus has thrown the entire concept of time out the window and Coles adding a gingerbread Christmas-themed treat to their repertoire in October is not helping.

Coles should be counting their lucky stars that the treat in question is a range of gingerbread-infused ice-creams otherwise I might’ve kicked up a barney.

There are two iterations of this spiced treat. The first, a tub, that features scrumptious chunks of spiced biscuit, married with gingerbread-flavoured ice cream, and finished off with an opulent swirl of caramel. There’s also a stick option which features all the aforementioned but this time… on a stick covered in chocolate à la Magnum.

They’re both available now and will set you back a cool $5. In addition to this little spectacle, Coles is also already flogging Christmas classics like spiced rum pudding, santa-adjacent confectionary and most importantly, the hallowed mince pie.

If that’s not enough gingerbread-appropriating confectionary to satiate your unquenchable thirst for the cinnamon treat this’ll wet your whistle. Cadbury recently sneakily introduced a brand-new flavour to their Dairy Milk canon and, you guessed it, it’s gingerbread. The new block is essentially the cult block sprinkled with crumbs of gingerbread — revolutionary.

In the spirit of time merely being a concept I am of the belief that we can start chowing down on Christmas-core desserts now. It may be the spooky season but I’ll be damned if I let a revolting, corn-syrup chemical cocktail of a sweet pass these lips. I demand the crumbliest, most delectably spiced mince pies on the market.

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