Twitch streamer and content creator Corinna Kopf has just received a ban on Twitch for ‘inappropriate attire.’

Popular Twitch streamer Corinna Kopf has received a 24-hour ban on Twitch for ‘inappropriate attire’ only months after arriving on the platform. Kopf had previously moved to Facebook Gaming after receiving a ban on Twitch in 2019 due to a year-old clip resurfacing at the time. After two years on Facebook Gaming, she made her return to Twitch in March of 2022 and gained immediate traction with her IRL streams. Now, the content creator has found herself on the wrong side of the ban hammer once again.

In a tweet from the ‘Streamer Bans’ account, it was revealed that Corinna was banned once again.

Now, fans and fellow Twitch streamers alike are chiming in on the ban. Twitch streamer Hasanabi a.k.a. Hasan Piker a.k.a. the fake Hastanox expressed his discontent at the platform’s censorship of Corinna. Whether he was being genuine or was just on his himbo shit is still unknown.

Twitch streamer QTCinderella also commented on the ban and asked what she was wearing at the time with a drooling emoji. She was definitely bricked up.

“Twitch Partner “CORINNAKOPF” has been banned! #twitch #ban #firstban #partner #twitchpartner

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“that bitch deserves it”

Streamer reacts

“smh censorship !”

“Show me what you were wearing though”

Fan reacts

“Lol  you get a vacation finally haha. I’m Stuck here eating tuna for the rest of the month enjoy your break!”

“she ain’t gonna fuck you lil bro”

“Isn’t she already a millionaire? Why does she need a Twitch channel?”

“Are you dumb? every top streamer on twitch live right now is a multi millionaire”

“Most of the top streamers got support and fame from streaming for a long time. Corinna was already a big YouTuber and has a successful Onlyfans. She doesn’t need the money.”

“Lol trainwrecks has 1000x more money than she has and he is still streaming. You can never have enough trust me.”

“Shes been streaming for over 3 years now before she was a millionaire. If thats the case, then why does any top twitch streamer still stream????”

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