Getting tired of having to stay home watching nothing but Netflix? Well, we soon could have the COVID-19 social restrictions relaxed according to NSW Premier.

We’ve been told that we can’t go to the pub for a beer, all cheeky Nando’s meals are off, and you can completely forget going out to the beach on the final nice days of the season.

Honestly, it’s been a pretty depressing year, thus far, and the days have been completely dragging on. Luckily, though, we potentially may be through the worst of it.

During the regularly scheduled media briefing this morning, NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian thanked citizens for abiding to the social distancing restrictions currently put in place and she may have hinted that we could see an ease in the restrictions as soon as May 1st.

“Every time you relax a restriction, more people will get sick, more people will die, and it’s a horrible situation to be in, but they’re the choices and we need to be upfront about that,” Berejiklian began with.

“Everybody is doing so well. I know it’s hard. All of us are in this. We all know how hard it is and what impact it’s having on all of us and our loved ones. But it is having a positive effect,” the Premier stated.

“We have managed to contain the spread, and we have managed to ensure that those people who do have the disease are isolated and stay isolated. But if at any stage in the next few weeks, if the health experts give us advice to say that there’s an opportunity to relax any part of the existing restrictions, we will take that advice.”

The past week has seen a decline on the amount of new cases Australia has seen with COVID-19, and although we are seeing our social distancing flatten the curve and slow the spread, we still need to be diligent about caring for our personal hygiene and staying at home until health officials say it’s safe to lift restrictions.