If there’s any advice you can take right now about protecting yourself from COVID-19, it’s simply staying home and washing your hands, and Victoria’s Premier Dan Andrews is serious when it comes to making sure we follow this advice.

The global pandemic of COVID-19 is well underway, with thousands of cases popping up world wide each day and over 5,000 cases in Australia alone. As there is yet to be a vaccine for the virus, global health advisers and leaders have called for people to stay inside and make sure you’re diligent about washing your hands in order to slow the spread and flatten the curve.

Victoria’s own Premier Dan Andrews has been particularly vigilant in his efforts to keep Australia safe. He’s been making strides in closing areas where people typically congregate, and has worked to keep our medical staff and hospitals as stocked and prepared as possible.

However, he’s also taken the sassy approach, and we need to talk about it. For someone who has to regularly give serious press conferences and make important decisions when it comes to the health and safety of Victorians, he also has to appeal to the masses in more relatable ways.

Taking to Facebook this morning, Mr. Andrews himself made sure to wish all of his fellow Victorians a good morning:

I’m certainly making sure to follow the social distancing and safety rules that have been put in place, but if I hadn’t, then his cheek would certainly make me toe the line.

All in all, it’s not that hard to follow the rules that have been put in place – just simply stay home. I mean, you’re currently given all the time in the world to watch as much Netflix as you please, so why would you continue to break the rules?

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If you’re still thinking about going outside, regardless of the Premier’s sass, to meet with mates or doing some unnecessary shopping or playing about, maybe you could also give Andrew’s new playlist a listen to. It’ll potentially make you understand what you’re actually supposed to be doing.

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