While some artists try to blend the lo-fi sound of a home studio with their music, Cull embrace the lo-fi and feed off it on their debut EP Ba Noi.

Kicking off with ‘World Inside Your Head’, the band sticks you on a broken down merry-go-round while they play the hallucinogenic version of ‘It’s A Small World’. A woozie and addictive track, it’s the kind of song that annoys most people but still sticks in your head.

Opening with simple guitar picking and vocals so distorted they feel like they’re travelling through time, ‘The Sacred Burial Urn’ follows on like a nice lie down after too much spinning. ‘Animate’ melds sharp, chirping electric keyboards with the rolling growl of guitars and flying reverb, making the song rise and crash like an LSD trip, before finally tapering out to the closer ‘Keep My State’. This one smashes you with a wall of distortion, backward notes, and an endless crashing beat before smoothing out to let the vocals mend your wounds.

With an EP that feels like a haunted theme park for guitar pedals and home studios, Cull have crafted a wonderful sound that takes you further in four songs than you thought possible. A great first release.

4/5 stars.

Ba Noi is now available through Independent/Bandcamp

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