When tourists think of Sydney they think of that big dish rack on the harbour and that launch-pad for the fireworks on New Year’s Eve. But locals know those two spots aren’t even the best bits of this sunburnt city.

The Brag recently went on Culture Scouts‘ guided Original Street Art Tour of Newtown, chaperoned by the company’s expertly informed Tourism Marketing Manager Erin Eedy.

Weaving us through the nooks and crannies of Newtown’s best and often hardest to reach Graff spots, Erin taught us about the suburb’s long and storied history with street art and the artists which make it so invigorating.

culture scouts Original Street Art Tour
Credit: Culture Scouts

You see, street art is, just like the rest of Australia, entirely illegal in Newtown – but anyone who’s walked King Street before knows Newtown has never followed the rules. The police mostly turn a blind eye, and the council even encourage it through funding.

Erin told us the history behind the creation of Newtown’s only heritage-listed mural (we’ll let you experience that first-hand though). She told us about how Newtown once harboured an original Banksy, which was unknowingly painted over by the council a few years ago.

She showed us Egg Boy paste ups by Scott Marsh, a myriad Lister works, and one work by The Oxking, which told the story of a Newtown resident who was jilted at the alter and found decomposed years later, covered in all her cats.

culture scouts
The Oxking’s work in Newtown

She showed us the oldest indigenous artwork, which dates back 15-20 years; and the Godard Street Gallery, which features a protest piece by Phibs and George Rose titled ‘Save our Coral Reef’ about the betrayal of the Great Barrier Reef.

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culture scouts
Phibs and George Rose’s artwork

From Jumboist, to Kyle Hughes to Fintan Magee, Culture Scouts’ Original Street Art Tour shows off Sydney’s iconic graffs, murals and large-scale art pieces in the most unique way. One minute our jaws were on the curb at the sheer scale and beauty of some works, the next minute we were engrossed in a true-crime story from Newtown’s stormy past.

Note: Culture Scouts’ Original Street Art Tour wraps up with a free bevvy at Young Henrys brewery – genius right?

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