We’ve all been there. How often have you decided to go and grab some KFC, and as you drive up to the drive-through, you learn the startling truth that your favourite menu item has been removed without warning? Well, let’s revisit the time that a Twitter user decided to relentlessly Tweet KFC until they brought back his favourite food.

Back in 2010 and 2014, KFC’s Singapore stores introduced an item for a limited time; the Hot Devil Drumlets. However, after they were taken off the menu, it turned out that one KFC customer had actually grown so attached to the new menu item that their removal affected in a deep, inexplicable way.

What happened next required a level of dedication that most would only dream of. For a number of months, a Twitter user named Farhan took it upon himself to reply to KFC’s Tweets with his own suggestion for their menu.

As Mashable noted last year, Farhan’s campaign ultimately proved successful, with the fast food giant reaching out to him to let him know that he’d be getting the first taste before the Hot Devil Drumlets were brought back to the menu.

“My first reaction [to this was] nah, this has to be fake…because my close friends know I love fried chicken,” Farhan explained.

“So I clicked KFC’s profile and [saw that it was real] I was just stunned. I mean they actually noticed the tweets and made an effort to contact me.”

“As an appreciation for his fervent support, we wanted to let him have the first taste of the Hot Devil Drumlets comeback,” a spokesman for KFC said in the wake of the decision.

While we’ve seen some people show extreme levels of dedication for their love of KFC, it just goes to show, if you want something back on the menu, the best way to get it is to bombard the company’s Twitter account until they give in.

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