We don’t mean to alarm you but Christmas is just around the corner. To help you navigate this silly (stressful) season, we’ve put together a handful of gift ideas for your little ones. Here are the essential gizmos and gadgets you need to raise a little rockstar.

The ultimate learning tool to guarantee that your child will grow up to be a fully-fledged rockstar. ABC⚡DC is chock-a-block with the world’s most beloved Rock & Roll icons from the past and present. It’ll have your kids learning their ABCs in no time whilst also entertaining adults with its cheeky, tongue-in-cheek references.


Anarchy In The Nursery – Punk Baby Gift Box
This baby gift box is an essential tool for raising a little rocker. It contains an “Anarchy In The Nursery” babygrow, a Punk’s Not Dead bib, A Punk Rock Baby Lullaby CD that features an array of classic tracks interpreted as lullabies and an NWA postcard & sticker.

Anarchy In The Nursery Gift Box

Rock Star Pop! Vinyl
Funko’s Pop! Vinyl has an impressive selection of iconic musicians and rock gods immortalised as collectable figurines. They’ve recreated musical legends like Freddie Mercury, Guns N’ Roses, Blink-182, Jimi Hendrix, Metallic and KISS.

The best part is, once you’ve bought one, you can keep buying them for every birthday and Christmas until the end of time. That’s the beauty of collectables, minimal thought, maximum return.

Freddie Mercury Pop! Vinyl

The Bangles Signature Model Guitar for Kids
Empower your child early and encourage them to hone their craft with this gorgeous guitar. This signature model pays tribute to seminal pop-rock act The Bangles. Its’ slim & narrow neck design makes it easy for little nippers to shred. The guitar was designed by Daisy Rock Guitars, a company that aims to inspire girls to pursue music.

the bangles
The Bangles Signature Model Kids Guitar

Rock’N’Roll Stroller
Daphylls stock an awesome selection of Rock’N’Roll strollers. Forget the Bugaboo, raise a kid with grit. The lightweight stroller has all the essential mechanisms like a 5-point harness, front swivel wheels, and sun canopy. Whilst being infinitely cooler than every other pram in the world. You’ll be able to pay homage to Pink Floyd, Pantera, The Who and The Grateful Dead.

Pink Floyd Stroller, Daphyls

Rock N’ Roll Play Mirror
As well as flogging the most fantastic strollers, Daphyll also has a selection of awesome play mirrors. Just check out the psychedelic goodness that is this The Grateful Dead play mirror.

Grateful Dead Play Mirror

Hey Grandude! – Paul McCartney

This book won’t actually be available until September 2019 – but if your child isn’t quite at the reading age yet, consider it planning for the future.

Earlier this year legendary rocker Paul McCartney announced his voyeur into children’s literature. The Beatles legend will be releasing his debut children’s book Hey Grandude! next year.

In a statement released, Paul has explained the decision to release the book: “I wanted to write it for grandparents everywhere – and the kids – so it gives you something to read to the grandkids at bed time.”

Snippet of Hey Grandude! by Paul McCartney