With Easter on the doorstep, parents are scrambling to find chocolate alternatives. Here are some ideas.

Easter is upon us. To most it’s a joyous time of remembrance as we contemplate crucifixion of our Saviour and the ascension. Others are increasingly happy just to have a day off from work, that little breather to tend to the garden, the overflowing laundry bin or to catch up with Stevie the TV. Either way, the intention is to have a day of complete rest.

Parents, on the other hand, anticipate the approach of the dreaded Easter bunny and its myriads of chocolate eggs with a sense of trepidation. It’s not the bunny that trips us up. No real man is afraid of a bunny! It’s what the bunny represents that scares the crap out of us.

Those cursed toffee-filled, chocolate-coated, foil-covered nuggets of sweet deceit. The candy-shelled, crunchy, colourful eggs protecting a chocolate-lined hollow cavity. And let’s not forget those chocolate-enrobed marshmallowy delights. This all equates to one thing: sugar-rush, sugar-crush.

Once you’ve seen kids get that glassy-eyed look of sugar-driven insanity, you instantly regret having bought the treats. The remainder of the day is spent running after chocolate-crazed halflings as they set about wrecking the house or restaurant, leaving broken bits and foodstuffs in their wake, finally followed by teary-eyed tantrums and screams of exhaustion when the high wears off.