For the dads (and mums) who are up for a challenge, here is one that will reward you in quality time with your little one.

Once a week, my eldest daughter and I have dedicated quality time together. Saturdays before lunch time, or Sundays after church, we try to go for a coffee or a milkshake. She always gets excited and screams,  “I’m going for a coffee with Daddy.” She runs to her room, looks for her favourite dress and comes out twirling like a little princess. It’s endearing.

As time went on and the outing became habit, the more I became aware of how important this time together really was. Not just for my daughter, but for me as well. And now that our boy was turning two years old, a similar need for alone-time was starting to show face.

Why is it so important for a parent to spend quality alone time with a child?

My daughter enjoyed the fact that she did not have to share me with anyone else. She had my undivided attention. No fighting or screaming with other siblings. It was just the two of us. Every time we went out, I saw a completely different side to her.

And it became important for me because I felt myself relaxing. Or maybe I was recharging. This is difficult to explain. It was as though I was relaxing more during our together time than when I was completely alone, reading a book or drinking a beer with the boys.