For Dads, getting bang for your buck during a grocery shop is a euphoric experience. Yes, witnessing the arrival of my firstborn into the world was an other-worldly experience, and watching on as the Sydney Roosters win their 14th premiership was unbelievable but stumbling upon a too-fa deal is something else.

When it comes to putting on a BBQ or any sort of gathering, grocery shopping is a competitive activity. Strolling through the aisles, I often imagine myself to be assuming the position of a marine being sent on a high priority mission, battle gear, night vision goggles and all.

These days, no gathering is quite complete without a craft beer. Even if you’re not a fan yourself, there’s always a mate or a mates mate who’ll scoff at your Carlton Draught and VB filled esky (I think they pair perfectly well with BBQ prawns, but Thom reckons the notes of an Amber Ale will compliment the smokiness in a more fitting way.)

Now, I know what you’re thinking, artisanal craft beer may break the budget, but never fear – I’ve got easy steps that’ll help you keep your budget in check and keep everyone pleased.