So we all know children should not have any screen time before the age of two, however it happens. Arguably anxious or burnt out parents can be just as damaging to a child’s brain development as 20 minutes of screen time so it’s a definitely a case of picking the worst of two evils.

As a parents we leaned on the YouTube Kids app for the rare occasions we needed screen time. But wow, it really is poison for your child’s brain.

Yes, you can pick an appropriate video for your little one, most parents do. But the devil is in the “suggested videos” and the children’s freedom to wander. YouTube do screen all videos that go on the platform, but they just filter out extremes. e.g. Profanity, violence, adult themes etc. They do not consider what content is actually doing good VS bad for your childs brain development.

For example. A video that teaches how to count, good. A video that goes an hour long just showing an adults hand open kinder surprises, bad. See for yourself, this video below is one of millions like it on YouTube Kids and it has 99 million plays!!!! I have caught my daughter watching this nonsense countless times.