Bangarra Dance Company’s latest production Dance Clan 3 features an all-women choreographic team comprising four of the company’s senior female dancers who’ll present a diverse range of styles and idea from November 20 through December 1 in conjunction with Corroboree Sydney.

Deborah Brown, Yolande Brown, Tara Gower and Jasmin Sheppard will explore Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander narratives that’ll be performed by a troupe of 14 dancers. “It’s exciting to see the new choreographic voices of Bangarra emerging. The women of Bangarra are deeply connected to their culture and artistry and have strong and powerful voices. I’m eager to see what Dance Clan 3 brings to the evolution of Bangarra’s theatrical storytelling,” said Artistic Director Stephen Page who commissioned the work. Tickets on sale Thursday September 26.

Head to Bangarra Dance Companyfor further details.

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