If one thing’s for sure these days, it’s that we’re all in need of a good laugh. Thank God Daniel Sloss is coming to town.

While the pandemic took a decent crack at trying to cancel comedy over the last year or so, internationally acclaimed, Scottish comedian Daniel Sloss isn’t buying into it.

Sloss is preparing to bring his highly anticipated 11th solo show, HUBRIS to Australia. And right around the country while’s he’s at it.

The show’s namesake stems from Ancient Greek and refers to a devastating, dangerous and exciting characteristic which often leads to a hero’s downfall.

If you’re not well across the comedic trappings of Sloss, you’ll need to know that he’s well known for his unique style of tackling diverse (and sometimes) uncomfortable material captured from his own experiences including battling with his own masculinity, relationship breakdowns and death.

But mostly he just writes “cracking jokes” and “tells hilarious stories”.

Sloss shared the Australian tour dates for HUBRIS on Instagram, saying, “Australia! Would you fucking look at this. These are dates for THIS YEAR. Some sold out already, added a few new ones. There’s even an Adelaide one in there, despite my protests. All dates and tickets on danielsloss.com.”

Having been performing since he was just 16-years old, Sloss has worked to establish himself as one of the world’s most significant and successful stand-up comedians of his generation.

In terms of Sloss’ previous work, from 2018 through until 2019, Sloss delivered Daniel Sloss: X, a performance which became available to watch in a movie format. It delved into the controversial subject of toxic masculinity and received acclaim for its deeply funny and incredibly moving observations about gender and sexuality.

And now as Sloss prepares to visit us Down Under, he’s been granted an exemption by the Australian Government which will see the comedian quarantine for two weeks before embarking on his national tour.

Watch Daniel Sloss do a bit on religion.