In a striking turn of events, police have been unable to corroborate the reported death of Bride and Prejudice Australia star Dannii Erskine.

The alleged passing of Erskine, as announced earlier this month, is now under question following recent revelations.

Dannii Erskine

Erskine gained fame during the 2019 “forbidden wedding” series alongside her then-fiancé Denton. Her supposed demise was first announced by an individual claiming to be her sister, Dee, on May 2nd. The person alleged that Erskine died from injuries sustained in a horrific car accident in North Melbourne on April 28th.

The detailed account described how Erskine’s vehicle was “T-boned” by another driver while she was returning home from shopping. The person purporting to be Dee painted a vivid and tragic picture, stating that Erskine’s skull had been crushed “upon impact with the airbag”.

Erskine’s Instagram account echoed these sentiments, with a post reading, “Rest in peace Dannii Erskine, 1995-2023.” The caption acknowledged the family’s gratitude for the support received and confirmed her death as a result of an “awful accident”.

However, in a surprising development, anonymous sources have come forward claiming that Erskine is, in fact, alive. Victoria Police have also raised doubts about the alleged car crash. They released a statement saying, “We can’t comment on any individuals due to privacy legislation but I can confirm we have no fatal or life-threatening collisions recorded in the North Melbourne area in the past month.”

Adding to the intrigue, a spokesperson for the Coroner’s Court of Victoria stated, “The Court does not have a record of the death of Dannii Erskine.”

Erskine’s ex-partner, Denton Ansley, shared in an interview on the So Dramatic podcast that he had received a similar message about Erskine’s death a year prior, which later proved to be false due to an alleged account hack. His recount adds another layer of uncertainty to the present situation.

Since the announcement of Erskine’s alleged car crash, friends reportedly received details of a funeral service set for May 16 in the Mornington Peninsula. However, when they contacted the named funeral company, no such service was scheduled under her name.

In a strange turn of events, the Transport Accident Commission for Victoria has revealed that they hold no data for a fatality on April 29th. Moreover, multiple sources have reportedly confirmed to So Dramatic that Erskine is alive.

Erskine’s Instagram account, initially deleted after the announcement of her death, has been reactivated. All posts related to her death have been removed, barring the “rest in peace” memorial picture that remains as the account’s profile picture.

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