If you plan on hitting up a Dave Chappelle show soon, you may want to leave the phone at home.

The legendary comedian has apparently enforced a strict “no phones” policy during his performances, and it’s not just a suggestion.

In fact, if you want to catch Chappelle’s act, the venue will provide you with a locked pouch to stash your phone in for the duration of the show.

Why the strict rule? For one, the comedy star wants to ensure that his material isn’t recorded and distributed without permission.

It’s not all that surprising considering the comedian’s recent attempt to bring tech billionaire Elon Musk on stage in San Francisco was met with jeers from the audience.

The reaction was so strong that Chappelle even had to address it during his performance, telling the audience to “give him a break”. But the boos continued throughout the show, leaving Musk with a sour taste in his mouth.

“You weren’t expecting this, were you?” Musk told Chappelle following the boos.

Chappelle responds: “It sounds like some of those people you fired are in the audience.”

Later in the video, Chappelle is heard saying: “All these people that are booing, I’m just pointing out the obvious — they have terrible seats in the stadium.”

Of course, the whole mess was mercilessly mocked on Twitter, which Elon had recently acquired.

Meanwhile, the move to ban phones at Chappelle’s shows is one that’s got fans divided, with some digging the emphasis on the live experience, while others feel like they’re missing out on capturing memories of the performance.

But, love it or hate it, the rule remains in place and it’s strictly enforced. So, if you’re planning on catching Chappelle live, make sure you’re ready to disconnect and fully immerse in the moment.

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