If you’re into a bit of AFL-related comedy, we’ve found just the site for you.

Now, it is a prerequisite of any footy game that some level of banter is attached. This statement rings especially true, though, in the case of the Essendon Bombers.

Whether it was the infamy of the team around their drugs saga, or the apparent obvious mistake made by an umpire during an Essendon game earlier this year, there always seems to be cause for stigma attached to the Melbourne team.

Now, one internet user has taken that banter to The. Next. Level, stepping it up a tad, with a counter of the amount of days since an Essendon win. As one might expect, the posts you’ll find are damning for an Essendon Bombers footy fanatic.

The account, which devotes itself to hanging shit on the Bombers, is called Days Since Essendon Won a Final. It has the username @EFCFinals, and in its description claims to “raise awareness” of the finals victory draught belonging to the club.

Just today, the account Tweeted quite simply, “5,455 #MightyBombers”. Big, big numbers we’re talking here.

Check out some of the account’s best Tweets for a good laugh:

Now, I’m not sure about you, but this seems like some top-notch meme content. But, there is an element of mystery as to which creative genius is stirring this ever-growing pot of humour. Will we ever find out who is behind this? Who knows?

For now, though, immerse yourself in this while it lasts. And let’s hope, come Finals time, this precious account can continue to run.

Feast your eyes on this epic Essendon complilation:

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