Are you unsure about what to do after finishing high school? Do you want to go into tertiary study but you don’t know what for, or whether your grades qualify you to get into your chosen course? Maybe it’s time to consider a Diploma in Arts!

The College at Western Sydney University offers a variety of 12 month diploma courses that allow you to explore various different fields of study and open up new pathways for students, even if you don’t have the high ATAR you were hoping for.

If you are unsure about where you want to focus your studies, a Diploma in Arts could be the perfect thing for you. Over 12 months you’ll be taught how to study and succeed at university, along with an introduction to the vast range of ways you can use the qualification.

Many notable industry leaders have an arts degree on their CV. The College at Western Sydney University’s 12 month Diploma in Arts is the perfect place to start, with a world of opportunities ahead once your year is up.

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Why choose an Arts diploma?

The Diploma in Arts offers students an opportunity to develop a wealth of knowledge in a wide range of areas. The course is designed to develop communication and personal skills, creativity and a capacity for independent thought, adaptability to new situations and problem-solving skills, attributes increasingly demanded by employers.

You’ll learn a range of skills that allow work in various fields including communication and media industries; education; psychology and counselling; cultural, political and social policy analysis; writing and publishing.

What are the requirements to get in?

If you have an ATAR of 55 or higher, you can get into the 12 month diploma no problem. You’ll spend the year learning the same curriculum as those in the first year of a bachelor degree, but in smaller more focussed groups and classes.

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If your ATAR is lower than 55 or you didn’t finish school you can enrol in an extended diploma. It only takes an extra four mouths and offers you the same opportunities at the end as the twelve-month diploma does.

What happens after the Diploma?

After successfully completing the 12 month Diploma in Arts, you are given automatic entry into the second year of the corresponding Bachelor of Arts degree. This guarantees you can leave uni with a degree in the same amount of time it would normally take, and offers you the opportunities of further education after.

The College at Western Sydney University offers help and advice in taking your qualification into the workforce and has seen many students become successful leaders across a wide range of industries.

If you’re interested in a Diploma in Arts at The College at Western Sydney University, check out their website and enrol now.

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