People are blowing vape smoke up into their new Xbox Series X console to freak people out, so we’re here to look at this what’s going on.

With the Xbox Series X finally out in the world and in the hands of gamers, Microsoft can probably breath a sigh of relief. Not only has it been getting great reviews (except for those with trypophobia), it’s been selling pretty damn well too.

But a console launch isn’t a proper console launch without something weird happening, and boy have we got something weird in the form of the Xbox Series X and a lot of vape smoke.

Shortly after the Series X’s launch, a video went viral that appeared to show the console pumping out more smoke than a factory during the Industrial Revolution.

Unsurprisingly, this freaked the fuck out of a lot of people on social media, prompting cries of “this is why you don’t get a new console on day one!”

Now some folks were skeptical about this whole smoking Xbox thing – and they were right to be because it turns out it was all fake.

See, that viral video was staged and all it is was people blowing vape smoke up the arse of the Xbox Series X and watching it all come out the top of the console.

Now this whole stunt was obviously done to troll people but one has to wonder the wisdom behind it all.

Surely there are easier ways to freak people out on social media than wasting hundreds of dollars on a new Xbox Series X console and wrecking the device in doing so.

This whole “blowing vape smoke up the arse of the Xbox Series X” thing got so out of hand that Microsoft themselves were forced to chime in with one of its greatest ever tweets clarifying that the console is made to play games rather than be a makeshift smoke machine.

Now that being said, there have been some legitimate issues involving faulty Series X consoles smoking it up but none of them involved vape smoke.

So in summary, those videos you saw of smoking Xbox Series X are all faked and you should definitely not Dutch oven your new console up (unless you feel like shelling out money for a new one) even if it admittedly looks pretty cool.