Internet comedian Druski is facing backlash after posting (and deleting) a skit showing him encouraging a woman to drink a lot of alcohol.

In the video, Druski can be seen in the kitchen where two women and another man playing the drinking game ‘I have never’. He asks one of the women if they’d ever done a particular sexual act, and the woman took a drink to indicate that she had done it.

Druski then goes on to call the amount of alcohol that she poured into her glass “bullshit” and fills up a much bigger glass which looks to be straight vodka.

As the video continues, Druski can be seen multiple times encouraging the women to drink more, and at one point drinks straight out of the vodka bottle himself.

Druski is famous for posting comedic skits to Instagram and is known for imitating other people in his clips.

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While some social media users have pointed out that Druski seems to be imitating people who binge drink during a game of ‘I have never’, the clip has angered others, with some even demanding that the comedian be “cancelled”.

“Druski just showed us how much pressure men really be applying just to fuck” wrote one Twitter user.

“That Druski Video touched my nerve. Because people don’t talk about how men pressure you into drinking trying to fuck but if you don’t, everyone around you women included, will tell you that you’re killing the vibe. The vibe is passed out drunk?” Another user tweeted.

However, there are a number of social media users who backed Druski’s clip, and said that he shouldn’t have taken it down.

“Druski should’ve never folded. That video just like his others is fully accurate. He’s always preached “Don’t be that one guy” and all his videos either clown or expose those behaviours. Why would your first instinct be to laugh at that video? Or worse be angry? Yall weird,” one user said.

Another said, ‘Druski didn’t need to add any kind of clarity to his video because we ALL know the kind of videos he makes. Why would this one suddenly be different? Because people are now triggered they’re trying to flip it.”

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