Dylan and Jenny from The Block 2022 have given their fans an update about their house, which failed to sell on auction day.

The couple told Nine Entertainment that while there has been some interest in their property, the house hasn’t sold yet.

“We did have a few people keen a few weeks ago, but we’ve heard nothing since then,” Jenny said.

“We’re still in the same position as when we left The Block,” Dylan added.

Jenny told the publication that the uncertainty of how much the house will sell for has left them unable to organise themselves properly.

“Honestly, it’s crazy that it’s still on the market,” Jenny said. “We just don’t know whether we’re going to make nothing, or if we could make $10,000 or $100,000.

“We’ll only know how we feel when it sells.”

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Dylan and Jenny made up one of five couples on this year’s season of The Block. While Omar and Oz sold their house for a record making amount, the only other team to sell their property at auction was Tom and Sarah.
Omar and Oz made $1,586,666.66 plus $100,000 in prize money, Sharon and Ankur made $170,000, Rachel and Ryan made $1,586,666.66 and Tom and Sarah made $20,000.99.

However, Omar and Oz’s victory didn’t come without controversy.

There was a lot of speculation that Omar and Oz had a personal relationship with one of the men, Adrian Porter, who was locked in a bidding war for their property.

Although Omar and Oz’s house sold to Danny Wallis, he battled two other fellow bidders who drew up the price. One of those bidders was multi-millionaire Adrian Portelli, who left the auction immediately after he failed to win Omar and Oz’s house and didn’t stick around for the auctions on fellow contestant’s houses, which are very similar.

Adrian has since defended himself against “dummy-bidder” claims and ended up buying Sharon and Ankur’s house in post-auction negotiations. The multi-millionaire went on to purchase Sharon and Ankur’s property off-market for 4.25m – which was $170,000 over the $4.08 million reserve, and pushed the couple into second place.

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