Baby Yoda (yes, we realise that’s not his real name) has undoubtedly been one of the biggest success stories of The Mandalorian TV series, at least in a commercial sense.

But did you know that the cute, meme lord – otherwise known as The Child from the Disney+ exclusive series – didn’t always look like the little legend he is now?

The team behind the show revealed that there were a whole bunch of versions of Baby Yoda that were considered “too ugly” or “too cute” to use. Showrunner Jon Favreau explains what happened in the fifth episode of the Disney+ doco Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian.

“We got lots and lots of drawings… some of them were too cute, some of them were too ugly, some of them were the wrong proportions,” said Favreau, via EW.

Favreau said that they just happened to stumble across a design that they felt worked, even though it felt a bit “weird” to start with.

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“Finally there was one image that Chris Alzmann did that had [Baby Yoda] wrapped up in what looked like a piece of a flight jacket,” he explained.

“His eyes were a little weird, and he looked a little out of it, there was something a little off with it. But we found it charming, and that became the rallying image that we said, ‘This is good.’ And it developed from there.”

If you can’t get enough Baby Yoda, there’s now a Baby Yoda version of Monopoly, which was released for Star Wars Day aka. May the 4th.

Additionally, here are five facts that everyone should know about Baby Yoda.

Check out Top 10 Baby Yoda moments:

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