Released in late 2019, Disney+’s flagship program The Mandalorian was one of the greatest gifts from an otherwise sorry excuse for a year. At the centre of the show’s appeal was the small green creature that’s become affectionately known as Baby Yoda.

Series one of The Mandalorian wrapped up on December 27th. Pedro Pascal stars as the titular bounty hunter whose real name is Din Djarin. Mandalorians are natives of the planet Mandalore and tend to be skilled warriors.

Star Wars fans were introduced to Mandalorians via the character Boba Fett. Fett originally appeared in Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back in which he was hired to capture Han Solo. He featured again in Episode VI – Return of the Jedi, though his appearance was short-lived after Han sent him flying into the mouth of the grotesque alien beast Sarlacc.

Fett also featured in a new scene added to the 1997 reissues of Episode IV – A New Hope, appearing next to the Millennium Falcon when Jabba the Hutt confronted Han. The word Mandalorian wasn’t used in any of these films, but Fett proved to be such a popular character that a variety of peripheral works have focused on Mandalorians.

In the Disney+ series Djarin is sent to capture Baby Yoda on behalf of the Galactic Empire. However, the two characters develop a close bond and Baby Yoda – or The Child as he is actually known within the context of the show – remains in the Mandalorian’s care.

Baby Yoda incited a mass outpouring of adoration when the show launched. He quickly became a meme-star and has been called “the future of Hollywood” by the Hollywood Reporter. Though, there are some common misconceptions surrounding The Child, which we feel it’s important to clear up.

Five facts about Baby Yoda everyone should know:

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