Gluten intolerance is the most cruel and unusual punishment the universe could have inflicted on me. Now like others with gluten intolerance and coeliac disease, I suffer under the oppressive regime of a gluten free diet. I spend my days in pursuit of gluten free snacks that won’t hurt my insides. Sick of reading the words ‘gluten free‘ yet?

Some GF pasta tastes like the clag glue you ate in preschool. The affordable GF bread resembles flavourless cake. But for some reason, the ~health~ community has decided that gluten free food is the way.

Plenty of health food companies are inventing new products to fill the gap in the market. It’s cool for us, because there’s more options. But the food technology is still evolving, so there’s still plenty of GF products out there that are tragically inedible.

Why anyone would choose this life for themselves for a non-health related reason, I will truly never understand.

Here’s a list of tasty and actually edible gluten free snacks available to buy from the supermarket.

The original  are truly the best supermarket chocolate chip cookies I have ever tasted, so finally being blessed with a gluten-free version has been life changing. I stumbled upon this glorious creation during my weekly grocery shop, and things have never been the same. Their consistency is identical to what I remember the regular versions being, also with the 40% chocolate chips as promised. for $4, you cannot go wrong. Except when you inhale the entire packet in one sitting. Don’t do that.

coles ultimate gluten free snacks chocolate chip cookies

Amy’s Kitchen Mexican Rice & Bean Burrito 

These burritos are a little on the pricey side, but because they’re tasty I am always sure to check if they’re on sale . The tortilla part is a weird texture, but regardless the whole burrito is still delicious. Amy’s Kitchen have a bunch of other products like Easy-Mac-esque Macaroni & Cheese, ready made meals and soups. I haven’t tried them, but if the burritos are anything to go by, I’m sure they are also delicious.

Amy's Gluten Free Burrito gluten free snacks

Abbott’s Village Bakery Gluten Free Soy & Linseed Bread

This gluten free bread is bloody delicious, but my god is it expensive. I’d recommend this one for a weekend when you’re ready to Treat Yo Self to a nice avo on toast with some light, airy and flavoursome bread that’s actually reminiscent of what real bread is like. $7 for a 500g loaf of bread is steep when you compare it to the Coles white 700g loaves going for $1 jus down the isle. But if you’re prepared to splash the cash, it is worth the money.

Abbott's Village Bakery Gluten Free Soy & Linseed Bread gluten free snacks

The crackers are light and airy, SUPER flavoursome and also very cheap. 8/10.

Peckish Sea Salt & Vinegar Rice Crackers

I may completely negate the nutritional value of Weet-Bix by putting sugar on top and drowning them in soy milk, but these cereal rectangles are as close to the original as I remember them to be. If you were once a cereal person but now suffer under the oppressive regime of a gluten free diet, this one is for you.

Sanitarium Gluten Free Weet-Bix

These shortbread fingers literally melt in your mouth. They are so incredibly delicious and soft and lovely. I am a biscuit fiend (as you may have noticed, due to the content of the rest of this list), and these hit the mark.

Butterfingers Shortbread Biscuits

Where to actually find these foods:

Finding gluten free food can be a nightmare. It’s expensive and the range in some supermarkets is very limited. I recommend he health food isles of Coles and Woolworths for the widest and cheapest gluten free snacks, as well as independent health food stores for more niche items. Supermarkets also keep the GF ready made meals and fake’ meats’ alongside the regular refrigerated and frozen vegetarian food, so check there too.

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