Elon Musk posted a screenshot of his Elden Ring build on Twitter and people immediately started roasting it.

In a recent Tweet posted yesterday, May 24th, Elon Musk shared his Elden Ring build to fans only to have it immediately picked apart by Elden Ring players. Having put over 150 hours into Elden Ring myself, I can tell you that his build is clearly the product of someone stat-boosting for him and telling him a list of OP weapons to choose from.

Musk’s build doesn’t look like the carefully curated and crafted build of someone who has put hours into the game and experienced it “in its entirety,” instead, it looks like the build of someone who made the character over the course of an hour or less so they could show off a screenshot to their Twitter followers. There are a couple of signs that lead me to believe this.

Musk is an INT/MIND build that is level 111 but only has 5 memory slots, memory slots are gained by collecting memory stones. At level 111, Musk should have 8 or 9 slots by now, indicating that his level is probably higher than how far he’s progressed through the game.

Level or stat-boosting is an effect that can easily be achieved in Elden Ring as long as you have a high-level online friend. All you have to do is invite them into your world and they can drop you all of the resources you need to get to whatever level you desire.

Besides that, his build isn’t great, but to each their own. Elden Ring is a game full of different builds, and I don’t really care how he wants to build his character. The annoying part is that he most likely had someone give him a bunch of gear and runes just so he could put together something to masquerade around to the people in the Elden Ring community, similar to his tactics in real life.

“Elden Ring, experienced in its entirety, is the most beautiful art I have ever seen”

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“How’d you roll? I was Strength/Faith. War Priest STRONG.”

“Power mage, but decent with a sword/katana. Will post pic of my build tomorrow.”

“Equipped load will be lower if fast roll is needed”

“Wtf is this build? I thought this guy was supposed to be a genius?”

“I like that he’s level 111 but only has 5 memory slots”

“Yeah the build is crap. Looks like he’s never played a souls game.”

“it turns out Elon Musk’s position as Elden Lord is largely inherited rather than merit-based”


-TWO shields

-Moonveil (of course)

-3 different summons

-31 vigor

Elon are you ok? Can you hire someone competent to help you make a build because these screenshots are making my head hurt”

“wait….you dont heal?

and you have a soreseal equipped?

and you are fat rolling?

and 2 freaking shields????

are you sure youre a genius?”

“It’s a hint that he’s not actually running those companies very much or very well but people will refuse to take it.”

“It’s crazy there are actually people who think billionaires are truly working 10,000x as hard as everyone else.”

“It’s crazy there are actually people who think billionaires are truly working 10,000x as hard as everyone else.”

“Stacking my fire resistance so I can last 2 seconds in the back seat of a Tesla if it hits a tree and the door electronics fail, pray for me”

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