Elon Musk may or may not have COVID-19 according to a confusing tweet sent by Tesla’s CEO about the results of his tests for the virus.

As per NPR, Musk stated on Twitter on Friday, November 13th, that he had tested both positive and negative for COVID-19 after taking four rapid antigen tests.

“One of our great geniuses,” as President Trump once labelled him, flummoxed by a simple COVID-19 test. God help us all. Experts have been cautioning for a while that such rapid tests aren’t as trustworthy as others at fully diagnosing the coronavirus. There are other tests, including one called PCR, widely seen as the “gold standard.”

Channelling his inner stoner, Musk started his tweet by saying “something extremely bogus is going on.” He took four tests after experiencing mild cold-like symptoms, and received two positive results and two negative results. He is now awaiting his results from the more accurate PCR tests.

The irresponsibility of SpaceX’s CEO was immediately criticised on Twitter. “It’s called science Elon. Even HIV tests aren’t 100% accurate. These are brand new. There’s no bogus. Don’t feed the stupid people with more conspiracy theories,” one person replied.

Others were more succinct: “I can’t believe people think you’re smart.”

Musk has previous with COVID-19 and misinformation. At the onset of the pandemic, he infamously predicted that the U.S. would have close to zero cases by the end of this past April (cue Arrested Development voiceover: “it didn’t”).

He later voiced his frustration at lockdowns that affected his Tesla plant in Fremont, California, calling them “fascist” and “not democratic.”

The thing is that Musk probably doesn’t have to worry about getting COVID-19 as much as us regular folk hearing his nonsense. Just like Trump’s preferential treatment, if Musk was to get the virus, he’d be pumped full of every available drug in the Western hemisphere.

We think he shouldn’t be allowed to toss another car into space for a while. It’s the only way he’ll learn his lesson.

Remember the infamous Elon Musk interview on Joe Rogan’s podcast:

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