Some recent photos of Elon Musk in Mykonos on a yacht has spurred Twitter into roasting him upon seeing him shirtless.

TMZ recently posted some pictures they took of Elon Musk on Twitter. Musk is currently on vacation in Mykonos amid Twitter’s lawsuit against him. The pictures taken were of Elon shirtless on a friend’s yacht and needless to say, the images weren’t very flattering in the slightest. This was not due to the fault of the camera but more due to the sheer amount of light reflection Elon’s pasty complexion was putting off.

Twitter was quick to jump on him and the roast session ensued. When the richest person in the world presents an easy target for people to make fun of, it’s not hard to understand why people would be quick to take the opportunity given the lack of legitimate means of fighting back against that kind of power.

“Elon Musk vacations on a yacht in Mykonos, Greece amid Twitter lawsuit.”

One Twitter user complained that there was no content warning filter on the image, which should also be a feature implemented on every picture of Ted Cruz’s face as well.

“Holy FUCK put a content warning for this”

This person wasn’t quite getting the plot.

“Why does social media blast people for taking vacations? I feel putting posts like this trying to make people feel guilty for taking breaks is!!

We already work ourselves to death as a society”

“I’m about 7 comments in and no one has said anything about a vacation. Although they do have a lot to say.”

“You can’t fool me. That is an albino manatee.”

“That pillsbury dough boy should not be foisted into public view for any reason. Seriously, that could cause irreparable harm to my vision. Please cease and desist.”

“Anyone knows where I can buy some good eye bleach?

Damnit TMZ, could have pixelated this. Now I can’t unsee and it will haunt my dreams.

Nightmare fuel right there!”

“Mix hot sauce with the green stuff you get with sushi stir for one minute add a cup of bleach shake for two minutes and enjoy”

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