ImagineSeth Rogentrying to pull off a satirical take on Tarantino or Rodriguez. Now imagine him trying to do that with an added dose of obscenity, excessive alcohol, a lot of drugs and a Bible. Yes, a Bible.

The product? Evan Goldberg-directed This Is The End. The film’s a very gory, violently crass, very humourous story of an apocalypse-struck Los Angeles that will draw you into its spell from the start and leave you gasping for more.

The premise is funny, and characters believable. James Franco hosts a party at his new house, and the who’s who of Hollywood are getting wild and dirty. Then enters God, who doesn’t give a damn about the celebrities’ interests and suddenly decides it’s time to wrap up his work on the planet. God decides to end it all brutally and has all good souls sucked up through a blue light. Coincidentally all of mankind perishes except for the film’s group of contradicting personalities: the cunning James Franco, the self-righteous Jay Baruchel, the uncertain Seth Rogen, the confused Craig Robinson, and the deceptively conceited Jonah Hill.

LA is now one big-burning mess – a city of fire and cannibals, with the devil monster slaying anyone in sight except Jonah Hill, whom he seems to have a crush on.

Seth and co-director Evan Goldberg round up an oddball mix of characters, with some interesting cameos by Danny McBride, Emma Watson, Michael Cera, Rihanna, Channing Tatum, and the Backstreet Boys all playing themselves.

This is the End knows no fear, boundaries, or rules. It’s an unapologetic, lewd, offensive, indecent and insanely funny journey of five celebrities who must learn lessons of kindness, friendship and faith the hard way – there’s simply no other way to survive.

3.5/5 stars


This Is The End is in cinemas now.

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